I met a wonderful older lady this afternoon named Penny. I was walking around the park near my house, taking pictures of flowers, when I noticed Penny off in the distance. I’ve been wanting to do more photography involving people lately, so I went over to her and asked if I could take her picture. She said, ” Yes, if you come and feed the birds with me.” I thought this was a delightful idea, so I went with her to feed the birds. I ended up talking to her for approximately 2 hours. She has had a very interesting life and told her stories well. We chatted about various subjects including the state of the healthcare system in Canada (she used to be a respiratory therapist) and her faith. She  practices  ”Baha’i,” which is a religion or worldview that strives for unity and equality in everything, amongst other values.
Spending time talking with this complete stranger about her life was really great; a rewarding and  unexpected experience on a sunny, Friday afternoon. 
As the conversation ended, I got up from where I had been sitting, and thanked her for the time she had given me. She said,  ”You’re welcome” and left me with this quote:
"Know that you are where you are not by chance, but by the design of your Creator, for your development and for the development of those around you." - Abdul-Baha